At Indi Rose we believe it should be a world where traditional crafts are given the respect it deserves. In recent years, crafts sectors have been facing a lot of competition from machine made products, especially since fast fashion has become more popular. Handicrafts are replicated by machines and productions are going faster and faster. This is driving the traditional arts to a state of despair. We believe it is important to start appreciating handicrafts again and to recognize makers for their talent & effort.

‘ By combining traditional crafts with contemporary designs, we strike a balance between the cultural and the modern.’ 

In our collections we collaborate with local artisans to support the craft culture. We partner with small ateliers and family owned businesses to guarantee that each piece is made under fair conditions and created with lots of love.

By combining traditional crafts with contemporary designs, we strike a balance between the cultural and the modern. We blend cultures through clothes and spread awareness about them in western space. 

We truly believe that the love and passion our makers put into their work is so powerful, that it adds an emotional value to each piece. You can actually feel this when owning one of our co-creations. A magical feeling no machine will ever be able to beat!

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Rosa Stunnenberg

India – The country that inspired me to start Atelier Indi Rose.

‘Atelier Indi Rose was born from a one-time clothing purchase from India. The maker inspired me about the beauty of traditional artisan crafts. He learned me how each region in India is known for its own skills and the journey through India began. During my study at the Amsterdam Fashion Indtitute, I started developing my love for (handmade) textiles and crafts. As I studied the crafts of India, I came across one beautiful textile after another and could not understand why the amazing fabrics were hardly ever used in western clothing. Unfortunately, true handicrafts are simply too slow and too expensive for fast fashion chains. This is where I saw the opportunity to make a difference. From that moment on, I was determined to create a brand representing forgotten handicrafts – Atelier Indi Rose was born.’